Teaching Philosophy 

At UCSD, I have served as an instructor, discussion section leader, teaching assistant, and senior teaching assistant for a majority-minority undergraduate population. I foster an inclusive learning community where all students develop their abilities to think critically about political science research, develop evidence-based arguments, and communicate those arguments persuasively while reflecting on their learning progress. In the classroom, my pedagogical approach is informed by research on effective teaching and learning skills and how diversity impacts student participation. I emphasize active learning activities, group discussions, and policy-oriented writing assignments that connect to students’ outside interests.

As an instructor at UCSD, I developed and taught an upper-division course on the American Party System that examined the historical, institutional, behavioral, and racial foundations of partisanship in the United States. All students enrolled in the course who completed evaluations indicated they would recommend me as an instructor and that they would recommend my course. 

I am interested in teaching introductory courses in American Politics, Methods, and Research Design. My non-introductory teaching interests include legislative, state, immigration, and electoral politics, as well as advanced methods and data science courses.

Slides for my courses, sections and sample syllabi are provided below for students.  

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